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Roman Reigns Net Worth 2023 Age, Income, Wife, WWE Career

Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler also known as Leati Joseph Joe Anoa’i. He has brown on my 25 1985, he is also known as a door informal professional gridiron football player. He signed a contract with world wrestling entertainment WWE in 2010. And he was part of the family of American Samoa. At present, he is a member of Smack-down. His ring name is Roman Regains. The people also called him “Big Dog” for his physical appearance.

Roman Reigns Net Worth

In the year 2023 Roman Reigns is about $13 million US dollars. They have an expectation to raise this amount will 25% every year. His salary is $5 million US dollars for 2023. In his net worth is around 12 million dollars and is expected to rise at the rate of 22%.

If we see back in 2018, at the eye of Forbes he is the third highest-paid wrestler in that year, the other two wrestlers’ name is John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns Personal Life

Reigns is a half Samoan and half Italian Lineage. His father and mother both has died on April 17, 2017. They were also professional wrestlers in their life. He has some cousins to formal professional wrestlers named Rikishi, Umaga, and Yokozuna.

He has married Galina Joelle in December 2014. The only daughter is named Joelle, who is 5 years old. In 2016 his wife gave birth to twin beautiful boys.

He has completed an academic discipline in management at the Georgia Institute of technology. In his ring, he is using the sign of the cross as he is a Roman Catholic. EX wrestler Bret Hart, considered him as his wrestling idle.

Roman Reigns Early Life and Career

In his early life, he played football well for 3 years at Pensacola Catholic High School. He played football as a defensive player. He was named to the first team at the Atlantic coast conference (ACC) in 2006 also and ACC’s first-team honors.

In 2018 he was signed by the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian football league. He has only played one season with the Eskimos, for five games. He retired from professional football in November 2010. After that, he sought to pursue a career in wrestling.

Early in 2020, he joined the WWE following his unsuccessful football career. In August 2010, he used his ring name Roman leakee in Florida championship wrestling. FCW has changed its name in 2012 to NXT he also changed his ring name to Roman Regions.

Last 2012 he made the big league after joining a triple threat with Ryback Sharda championship of WWE. His other two team members were named Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. They involved themselves in feuds with other prominent wrestler like John Cena, and Ryback.

In early 2013 their partnership was soon profitable as they flowed the WWE tag team championship. In August 2013 the shield begin working for chief operating officer Triple H. And in a non-title match on October 6 Regions and Rollins were defeated by Rhodes and Goldust. In the mid of October, they also lose the tag team titles to the rivals in a non-disqualification match episode of RAW.

At Tables, Ladders, and chairs on December 15, 2013, they defeated CM Punk in a 3-on-1 handicap match. In January 2014 he entered the Royal Rumble Match at 15 number and eliminate 12 competitors in the match, in 2018 this record was broken by Braun Strowman.

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