(Official) www eticket.railway.gov.bd – বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে রেজিস্ট্রেশন, ট্রেনের টিকিট ক্রয়

www.eticket.railway.gov.bd (Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV) is the authentic website link for buying tickets online (ট্রেনের টিকিট ক্রয় করুন এখানে) for Bangladesh Railway. This service is going to control by shohoz.com from today. The agreement paper has been signed already between shohoz.com and railway.gov.bd. Now the interested people who need this ticket come to our website and know the detailed information that how to buy an online train ticket in 2022. You enter the link www eticket.railway.gov.bd to buy a ticket, registration and this link is solve your problem now.

We are giving detailed information on the matter of Bangladesh railway ticket shohoz. So, if you are still facing a problem buying or purchasing a ticket you have to come forward our article and check the new update website link. There is also some mandatory update that has occurred which is also discussed here.

Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV

This is the new link for Bangladesh Railway’s authentic website powered by shohoz.com. So, now you are welcome to the real website to complete your registration process. Important instructions and a blank form are given below of the post.


According to the online ticket selling information of Bangladesh Railway, the updated website link for booking a train ticket is announced today at noon. The shohoz.com and the eticket.railway.gov.bd combined do deal with this business online. Click below to get the authentic website link now.

Successfully launching the new website for BD railway online ticket selling system the website link is eticket.railway.gov.bd. But now they are telling that they do not continue it right now. The authority is giving the opportunities to shohoz.com to control this position in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh railway ticket shohoz

Bangladesh Railway ticket shohoz is the new keyword for searching the new website link of an online train ticket in bd. So, if you are coming to this place to get the website link of bd railway new online ticket selling you have to read full content carefully. We have successfully discussed this matter and told details of the matter in another paragraph.

eticket.railway.gov.bd – train ticket sohoj

Some of the visitors are searching on google like that train ticket sohoj. But we just correct it that as the new website shohoz.com is controlling Bangladesh railway e-ticket system that is why the new website link can be like trainticket.com.shohoz.

Railway Registration System

First, enter the website www.railway.gov.bd

After entering the website, click on the Railway E-ticket service / Railway e-ticket button from the Internal E-Services / Internal e-service on the right side and you will see 2 Options.

Click on the first option e-ticketing method to see the details of the registration process and ticket purchase process

And click on the second option e-ticket (website) Bangladesh Railway and shohoz Ltd. A new website with text and logo will open.

Click on the “Register” button on that page (www.shohoz.com) to complete the prescribed Web Registration from

Click on the “Sign up” button.

Then complete the registration process by verifying your mobile number through a verification code.

Then log in with your mobile number or email address and password.

Then a page of “Update User Profile” will open

Railway Registration Link, New Website, Login (ই-টিকিটিং সিস্টেম)

Click on “Update your profile” by adding other information including date of birth and national identity card number or birth certificate number on that page.

And through this, all the information of the passenger will be saved.

Also (www.shohoz.com) can be accessed directly on the ticketing website of Bangladesh Railway.

New Method Buy Train Ticket – ট্রেনের টিকিট ক্রয় নতুন নিয়ম

First, enter the ticketing website of Bangladesh Railway (www.shohoz.com).

Fill in the fields of your travel date, starting station, destination station, class, ticket number in the next page.

Click on the Find button at the end of the fill.

On the next page, according to the information you want, all the train information of that route will be given along with the time and fare.

Then you can check the train information of your choice by clicking on Route and Availability button.

If you have a ticket, you have to click the “Purchase” button to purchase.

Fill in the mobile number or e-mail address and password in the “Log in” panel and click on the Log in” button.

Upon entry, the ticket can be purchased automatically by the Auto option by assigning a seat, and by the Manual option, it is possible for the honored passenger to assign the seat of his choice.

Official Website Train New Account Registration, Login, Ticket Booking

After selecting the seat, you have to click on the “Buy Ticket” button.

In this case, if the ticket buyer wants, you can first “log in” and later find out the information about the train.

The ticket price will be deducted from the passenger’s account through Credit Card, Cash Card, Brac Bank, Nexus pay, Rocket, bKash, American Express, City bank (Visa card) account.

And the ticket is confirmed by sending the e-ticket to the passenger’s e-mail.

this is the sample of new train ticket powered by shohoz.com

ট্রেন এর টিকেট কেনার নতুন নিয়ম

Collect the printed ticket from the respective source station by providing the e-ticket printed “Ticket Print Information” along with the photo ID along with the print of the ticket sent from the e-mail message box.

রেল টিকেট অনলাইন

অফিসিয়াল ওয়েবসাইট www railway.gov.bd থেকে দ্রুত লগইন করে টিকেট কাটুন এখানে ক্লিক করে

যাত্রীসাধারণ নিজেদের Smartphone বা Tab এর মাধ্যমে  www.railway.gov.bd এই ওয়েবসাইটে প্রবেশ করে আভ্যন্তরীন ই-সেবা হতে রেল সেবা অ্যাপ এ Click করে অথবা Google Play Store থেকে রেল সেবা (Rail Sheba) অ্যাপটি Download করে সেখান থেকেও রেল টিকেট ক্রয় করতে পারবেন।

এক্ষেত্রে ক্রয়কৃত ই-টিকিটটি Rail Sheba Apps এর History Option থেকেও ডাউনলোড করা যায়।

বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে নতুন রেজিস্ট্রেশন

  • ধাপ 1: প্রথম দর্শনে, www.eticket.railway.gov.bd তারপর নিচে স্ক্রোল করুন।
  • ধাপ 2: পৃষ্ঠার নীচে নিবন্ধকরণ বোতামে ক্লিক করুন।
  • ধাপ 3: নতুন অ্যাকাউন্ট তৈরি করুন নির্বাচন করুন। অপশনে ক্লিক করার পর ওয়েবসাইট একটি নতুন পেজ প্রদান করবে।
  • ধাপ 4: নতুন পৃষ্ঠায় আপনার ব্যক্তিগত তথ্য প্রদান করুন যেমন আপনার নাম, জন্ম তারিখ, NID বা জন্ম শংসাপত্র নম্বর, ঠিকানা, মোবাইল নম্বর এবং ইমেল।
  • ধাপ 5: Submit এ ক্লিক করার পর আপনি আপনার মোবাইল নম্বরে একটি নিরাপত্তা কোড পাবেন।
  • ধাপ 6: কোড লিখুন এবং নিবন্ধন ক্লিক করুন.
  • ধাপ 7: তারপরে আপনি আপনার ইমেল ঠিকানায় একটি মেইল পাবেন।
  • ধাপ 8: লিঙ্কে ক্লিক করুন এবং বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে বুকিং সিস্টেমের জন্য আপনার নিবন্ধন প্রক্রিয়া সম্পূর্ণ করুন।

Official Website Link

www.eticket, www.railway.gov.bd ticket, www.sohoj.com train ticket are recommended as the new official website link for buying a railway ticket online. You can also read ই টিকিটিং বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে 2022 and ট্রেন এর টিকেট কেনার নতুন নিয়ম articles carefully.

আরো দেখুন:

Just click the below picture to get more information about today’s Railway online ticket buying process. etickting method and the new system are included in the below post. Just click below and check it now.

How To Book Train Ticket in https: eticket.railway.gov.bd

shohoz.com Railway Ticket Online bd 2022 – Shohoj ট্রেনের টিকিট

BD Train Ticket Online Buy From shohoz.com

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