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Martin Dubreuil is a very famous actor. and voice actor. He was Born: on May 26, 1972. Maybe you are curious about what his career is like or what his personal life is like. His net worth is approximately $$1 – $5 million US Dollars.  Martin Dubreuil was born on May 26, 1972  ‍age 49 in Montreal, Canada. His nickname is Kirk and The Black Sheep.

The entire entertainment world is in mourning for the loss of such a brilliant actor in a short span of time.   He is best known for his performances in the films Ten:30, for which he received a Genie Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 31st Genie Awards, and Felix and Meera.

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You know Martin Dubreville as a celebrity, but have you ever wondered what his full name is or where he was born? In this section, we will look at Martin Dubruel’s full name, surname, age, place of birth, and citizenship. Hope you enjoyed it!

Through my research on Martin Dubreville, who has grown nicely over time, it seems he shares some similar habits that include wearing sunscreen every day even though he doesn’t go out much and takes care of his hair regularly.

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His other film roles include February 15, 1839 (15 Février 1839), 7 Days (Les 7 Journals du Talion), Before the Streets (Avant les Rous), Hunting the Northern Goddard (La Chaise au Godard d’Ebitibi), L’Affaire Dumont, The Ruins (Maudite poutine), The Great Dark Days (La Grande noirceur), Those Who Read My Not (a tous ceux qui ne me lisent pas), Flashwood and Maria Chapdelaine.

As a musician, he was a member of the band Les Breastfeeders, in which he used the stage name “Johnny Maldorer”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Martin Dubreuil single?

No, married.

How many children does Martin Dubreuil have?

He has no children yet.

How old is Tom Holland?

He is 49 years old (2022).

Does Martin Dubreuil smoke and drink alcohol?

He doesn’t smoke but drinks alcohol sometimes.

Why is Tom Holland famous?

He is famous for his portraying the role of Spider-Man in all spider man series.

What is the Net Worth of Martin Dubreuil?

Answer- Martin Dubreuil’s net worth is $1M – $5M.

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