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The black guy reacting on the TikTok and 5mint craft videos is named Khaby Lame. But his real name is Khabane Lame. Khaby Lame just becomes famous in the year 2021 for his viral reacting videos. These videos have gone viral all over the world and everyone is searching for who is this black guy. He has a standard Net Worth is 2 Million US Dollars. People also making memes using his picture. Here’s some correct information about him.

This post is also going to show you some important things about Khaby that you may not know. And the personal profile of Lame and his family status also will discuss here. We have collected all of the information about Khaby Lame from some personal sources. 

Khaby Lame’s Net Worth

As a TikTok star, he has very good earnings at the age of 21. In 2021 his estimated Net Worth is 2 Million Dollars. All his earnings come from the advertisement he has on his social media accounts. 

Nowadays he also earns from some advertising company. Where the role of brand ambassador. He knows some different style that is totally new in the comic world. That is why the company gives him some extra treats for his work. 

Khaby Lame Biography, Family

Khaby Lame’s real name is Khabane Lame. But his nickname is Khaby. He has born on 9 March 2000. In 2021 he is just 21 years old. He is born in Senegal, West Africa. But he now lives in Chivasso, Turkin in Italy with his family. He is of African Italian ethnicity. His birth sign is Pisces. His nationality is he is Italian citizen. His religion is Christianity.

Parents: There’s no information about his father’s mother’s name. He keeps his family members away from his fans

Siblings: There is also no information about his Siblings

Eye color / Hair color: His eye color is dark brown but his hair color is black. His body type is athletic and very attractive. He is very health concerned. He maintains everyday exercise to keep him fit.

Height : 6′ 1′ / 1.85 m (approx)

Weight : 65 kg (approx)

Biceps size: 23″

Shoe size: 10.5 (us)

Favorite Sports: Football

Favorite Team: Italy

Favorite Person: Donald Trump

Khaby Lame Hobbies:

Travailing and also making videos. He also loves to play with his favorite pet. He likes to play with his girlfriend every day. 

Profession: Short video maker, content creator, TikTok, and viral star.

Khaby Lame’s Girlfriend / Love Life

Khaby Lame is dating a girl name Zaira Nucci. She also lives in Italy. But what she does or other information is not revel yet. As a Tiktok star, Khaby has 29 Million followers. But the date he starts dating Zaira Nucci is not known.

But people thought that they are dating Before Khaby become viral. Has Khaby date another girl before Zaira is also not known. Khabar shares his and Zaira’s pictures on Instagram so often. And the picture says that they are a happy couple.

Khaby lame TikTok Followers Count

We have finally counted the number of TikTok Followers of this celebrity. He has 7 Million TokTok Fans. Who can follow him every day and watch his videos. He is one of the funniest people in the world. 

Khaby Lame Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Social Media

Khaby has 7.6 Million followers on Instagram. His Instagram account name is Khaby00.

Khaby’s TikTok followers:

Khaby’s TikTok account name is Khaby. Lame. he has 33100000 followers, 855 uploads, 43 followings, and  476200000 likes.


Instagram: Khaby00

Tiktok :

Twitter :

The Story Behind His Become Viral

 Khaby starts his life as a tiktoker. But nowadays he is a Tiktok star and also an Instagram celebrity. Khaby began his posting on TikTok in march 2020.  Then he becomes a little famous in just Italy.  As time goes he becomes more or more famous on TikTok. He is not just like other tiktokers who made random videos on singing or dancing.

Khaby is different. He has made a lot of reacting videos over 5 mint craft and other people’s videos where they do a simple thing in the wrong way. Khaby earns his popularity with his hilarious short comedy skits. you can see some of his videos below. By the way, Khaby opens his TikTok account just for fun. And with his creativity, he gains a lot of love from people for his videos.

So now he posts a lot of videos every day. He is also very active on social media. He has great humor and personality. He has not worked in any movie or advertisement yet. But soon this can happen because his popularity is increasing day by day.

If You Want To Watch Khaby Lame’s TikTok video Click Here Now.


So, at last, we just want to know that all kinds of valid information about Khaby Lame have been added from authentic online sources. If you are an active follower of this person you have to know some extra valid info about him. 

If you want to know some extra things about him, just comment on us or email us with your question. We can help you as soon as possible. 

You can also watch this person’s revenue update every day. So, if you have interested to get some of Khaby Lame’s funny videos just get them here.  

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