Kakoli Furniture Funny Video ( Dame Kom Mane Valo), Kakoli Furniture Owner’s Name And Others Information

Recently a video of a furniture shop’s ad has gone viral on Social Media like Facebook. Everyone is making memes of this video and sharing it on their walls. This video has viewed Million times and day by day is going viral in others countries of Asia.

In this video, we can see two girls wearing masks are repeating one sentence “Dame Kom Mane Valo Kakoli Furniture ” and sitting on an easy chair again scampering over the Sofa. Now we will tell you The history behind Kakoli Furniture and its owner’s name and others information.

Kakoli furniture is a shop of furniture where they sell different types of stuff making from wood or plastic as Sofa, Table, Chair, Dressing Table, Door, Cupboards, Book selves, and other necessary products.

On the Facebook page of Kakoli furniture, they have said that all products are made with 3D Technology. They are selling two types of products named “Kakoli“( low price) and “Kakoli Exclusive” ( High price). This Shop is at Gazipur in Bangladesh.

Kakoli Furniture Address and Phone Number

This shop has 3 branches in Gazipur:

1. Main Branch: Mawna, Chowrasta, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Phone: 01709838387

2.Jomirdiya Square Masterbari Branch: Valuka, Mymensingh Dhaka Road. Phone: 01709898383

3.Mymensingh Branch: DupurKhola Road, Mymensingh City Corporation. Phone: 01709898381

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Kakoli Furniture Owner Name And Others Information

This shop was made in 2000 and giving people service for 20 years. The owner of Kakoli Furniture shop is a Muslim and lives with his family in Gazipur, Bangladesh. What his real name is not published yet. But we will surely update it next time.

This owner has 2 little daughters and they are probably 10 years old whom we see is that video. They are really very cute. The name Kakoli is the owner’s mother’s name. He loves his mother so much and to show respect for her he named his shop “Kakoli Furniture “.

Till Now 10 Lakh people have watched this video, 5 Lakh people have to share this and 25 Thousand people have commented on it. Once in an interview, the owner told, He never thought that this video will go so viral and people will like it so much. He is very happy with this. He wants to make more videos like this.

People are making memes of this ad and enjoying this too much. Please tell us how much you enjoyed the video on the comment and share this article on your Facebook. Good Bye and stay connected with Kakoli Furniture.

The Viral Video Dame Kom Mane Valo


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